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Pilgrimage Retrospective

As I start to "settle-in," in Metro-Detroit, my most surreal feeling is that I just feel normal, as if the two months of making myself homeless and pilgrimage never happened. The next series of posts will therefore be a combination of sharing, attempting to draw-out lessons from what happened, and to integrate.

Day 0: I would have never even started my Pilgrimage if it was not for the support of a few of my closest friends, the ones whom knew that I was doing what I set my mind to do, even while I questioned the wisdom of my own intuition and my physical ability to do what I hoped to do. You know who you are, thank you! Thank you for having more faith in my spiritual journey than I did, and thereby transforming an ephemeral although clear call to GO into a road which I would walk on! While you did not physically walk with me, the way you walk in the world and my relationship with you, made my walking possible. Three of these friends also stayed late that Saturday night to help me pack, and finish packing the next day after I had already left.  This is just as true for all the incredible souls I met on the way (and by that I mean, all souls), whose extraordinary kindness, generosity, and faith, continued to pave that road! I am lucky to be indebted to all you. It is my deep belief that it is our inter-indebtedness to each other which makes life both sacred and possible, our inter-indebtedness between the full beloved community of G-d, of humans amongst animals, plants, rocks, birds, and millions of species which live within the soil and thereby make it possible for it to yield life and "food" on top.


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