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Services Offered

  • Teaching: Whether you're interested in one class, a Shabbaton, or a full year program, take a look at some of my past class topics and research interests, or contact me so that we can co-create something together that will engage your community. In all of my teaching, I take a practical approach, asking "How does this inform our day-to-day lives? How could this deepen our relationships with God, today? How might it improve our relationship swith friends, family, and society, today?" 

  • Officiating Ceremonies: I am here for you to celebrate a birth, to walk with you through illness, to create a joyous wedding, to officiate a funeral, to support your family throughout the entire grieving process, and/or to craft a completely new ritual to help you celebrate or mourn a significant life transition. I will listen to you, and create a ritual which integrates the best of our tradition with what you and your family need today, with patience, love, and joy!

  • Spiritual Guidance: I bring together my experience as a Rabbi, Psychotherapist, Teacher, and Spiritual Guide of many years. Are you struggling through a life transition and curious about how Jewish tradition might help you navigate that process? Do you want to explore the wisdom and practice of your ancestors? Is there something specific in Judaism that you want to delve into, in depth, and one-on-one? Are you, more generally, curious how Judaism might practically speak to your life? I will listen with compassion, and bring the best of what I know to help you find your way. This is NOT psychotherapy.

  • Organizational Development via Appreciative Inquiry (AI): Is your school, synagogue, or organization stuck in a pattern of thinking or working that is no longer serving your deepest values? Are you looking for a new direction, and want to re-assess your vision, mission, and goals? Do you want to re-orient your community to create a culture of working from your deepest strengths? Appreciative Inquiry is a methodology developed in the business world which helps organizations learn to function and grow by leveraging everyone's deepest values and strengths, and using problems to clarify the highest visions of what might be possible. You can read more about AI from it's founder, Prof. David Cooperrider, HERE.

Call or email to schedule a time to talk

and find out if working together will be the right fit for you, your family, or community: or 248-325-8597

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