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Let Us Learn Together

Rabbi Moshe is available to lead discussions and teach on the following topics:

  • ​Judaism and the Earth

    • God in search of Man, the Earth in Search of Humanity

    • Matanot Dorot: From Generation to Generation, the gifts left by eons of evolution and generations of human stewardship

    • Jewish Responsibility: Jewish Response-ability in light of potential Climate and Environmental Dangers, in the U.S., Israel, and Around the World

    • For more details on my work on environmental issues, go to Water from the Rock: Eco-Chaplaincy and Environmental Education

  • Practical Spirituality​

    • Getting Off the Treadmill: How the Cycles of Shabbat, Sabbatical Year and Jubilee Provide Society with an Ethical Imperative for Reflection​

    • Celebration as a Mitzah for Sanity: Moving Beyond Relaxation, Entertainment, and Softer Definitions of Self-Care

    • Reluctant Prophets: What can We Learn from the Hebrew Prophets about the Process of Responding to Communal Danger Today?

    • Allergic to God: I don't Believe in the God you Don't Believe In Either

    • An Atheist's Prayer: Belief Has Nothing to Do with It

    • B'Tzelem Elohim: The Image of God as our Expansive Potential

    • Makhloket l'Shem Shamayim: Gathering the Puzzle Pieces of Constructive Conflict

    • Idol Worship: From the Torah to Our Daily Lives

    • Purim Inside Out: Exploring the Wisdom Underneath the Masks we Wear Every Day

    • Sukkot: What kind of protection does God's Shade provide?

  •  Jewish Communal Healing

    • Interfaith Families: Deconstructing Fears and Appreciating Gifts

    • How Internalized Anti-Semitism and Trauma Hurts Our Relationships with Jews of Other Denominations

    • Intergenerational Trauma and Internalized Anti-Semitism in our Relationship with Israel

    • Jewish Names and Identity: Building Jewish Identity through an Exploration of Hebrew Names

  • Interfaith Cooperation: 

    • Religious Diversity: How Our Differences Can Help Us to Better Respond to Modern Challenges

    • Creation Care: Learning from Ecology and Theology.

    • Deconstructing Intersections of Anti-Semitism, Orientalism, and Racism

  • Talmudic Wisdom on Gender and Sexuality: The Best Parts of Judaism Your Hebrew School Never Taught

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