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Ancient Rituals

As a Rabbi, my job is to translate the poetry of our tradition in such a way that it will meet and honor everyone in the present, support and uplift you, and then open doors for you into a deeper and sweeter relationship with Judaism, yourself, each other, and God. Whether it's a baby naming or a funeral, a conversion, a Bat/Bar Mitzvah, or a wedding, I work with you to create a ritual which will help bring your highest values and ideals into relationship with those of Judaism.

Rituals to commemorate Modern Life Cycles and Needs

Ritual is a way of bring holiness, connection, responsibility (and community, when appropriate) to the pivotal moments in our lives. It is not limited to that which we grew up seeing inside of a synagogue.


Examples and opportunities for ritual unlimited, for example:​

  • On the occasion of obtaining a driver's license (it's freedom, danger, and responsibility)

  • A first date

  • Celebrating the moving into a new home or city

  • The death of a pet

  • The end of a serious relationship

  • Miscarriage as well as adoption

  • A religious component to honor graduating from high school, college, etc.

  • Starting one's first full time job

  • Support for a person who's lost a job

  • Weaning a child, their first step, going to pre-school

  • Facing a serious illness

  • Marking a significant career change, a retirement, etc.

Whatever your Jewish background, or lack thereof, I am happy hear from you, learn with you, sit with you in grief when necessary, and celebrate with you whenever possible.

With Love,

Rabbi Moshe

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