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I am very lucky to have a good number of clergy friends. Yesterday morning I was trying to get a hold of a certain Church in the town of where I hope to stay, but for reasons I could not understand they were not able to hear me when I would call. So I decided that I would ask my friend Rev Bonnie, who is of the same denomination as this particular Church to help me out. Since we are not just colleagues but friends we are on first-name basis, so I texted her and said: hey Bonnie, could you help me out and call this church, with this number and ask them if I can stay there tonight. Bonnie replies, sure, what exactly is it that you want me to ask them though? You know, I said, if I can spend the night in the church, or pitch my tent outside, you know. Bonnie replies, sure thing! Sometime later she text me back, saying that she called The Church, they gave her the pastor's number, she talked to the pastor, she gave him my number, she asked what I asked her to request, and that he would call me back after talking to the Board. The pastor calls back, and starts the conversation with, so tell me exactly what it is that you were looking for and why. I am a little bit surprised then Bonnie did not explain adequately what it is that I am doing, and I'm exhausted and it's very very hot. The pastor also says that he is very very busy and he apologizes he does not have much time to talk. I start to share with him about my project and journey, and we end up talking for close to an hour, which includes him giving me permission to pitch a tent outside of his church. For other amazing blessings of that evening, refer to post from yesterday. This afternoon, I text Rev Bonnie again , and ask, hey Bonnie do you have Carl's number, knowing that she would understand I am referring to Father Carl. She says, no, remember I'm in Michigan. I think to myself what does it matter where you are? But that's not what I text, I text her back, so what are you doing in Michigan, and where exactly in Michigan are you? She replies, Moshe, I work worked with your mother, remember. I am totally confused, and I think that she's pulling my leg.... And then it Dawns on me, and I remember that my mother indeed has a co-worker whose name is Bonnie, who is exploring her spirituality, so some time ago my mother gave her my number, and we had one very sweet and beautiful chat. However, I'm still very very confused. I text Bonnie again, saying, well wow I need to thank you even more now, but I don't understand how this happened, did you have any idea why I was asking what I was asking about yesterday? And how did you say yes if you didn't, and if you did how did you know what I was doing? Bonnie replies, yes you texted me a few months back something about going on a hiking trip. I Now understand why my friend Rev Bonnie did not reply to certain texts several months ago. I am still a little bit confused though, because the text from two months ago did not explain why I was hiking, so it would still seem like a strange request to ask to stay at a church. Plus, this Bonnie and I have only had one conversation our entire lives. I asked Bonnie, so, you really didn't know why was hiking though, and you didn't ask me any questions, you just helped. This Bonnie replies, and says, I like and trust your mother, and I liked and trusted you from the conversation we had before, and I figured this was a test from God. The End. P.S. A Climate Changed world, with more weather extremes and Climate instability, will call upon all of us to be open to new kinds of "tests from God," to respond to the call for help from others whom we do and do not know. How are you preparing for that?


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