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A Story about Climate Change that Actually Opens Your Heart

I was at a Climate Story Telling event tonight. I expected to be infirmed, I was hoping to network, but I was touched and saw something I have been looking for a long time. I heard Judith Black tell a story - if you never have yet, take a listen to this 16 min TedEx Talk.

I have never heard someone share about an aspect of Climate Change in a way that's this down to Earth, accessible, speaks to both cultures of the left and right, while also being deeply informative , and even light-hearted in the face of tragedy. Perhaps it's no accident that spiritual traditions since time I'm memorial have usually taught via story, perhaps this is what's missing from the Activist movement. Rebecca Solnit does this quite well too in her book "Hope in the Dark" but it's incomparably more powerful to hear in person! A huge thank you to both of these amazing women!


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