Morning Walk

I don't like getting up early in the morning, but there's no better feeling that doing it, putting in my hiking pack, and going for a 3 hour stroll. I feel like I'm floating a bit as I walk, until things start to hurt. Then I feel like a slightly hurting body that's floating.

I notice so much beauty that I've driven by countless times. I have the time to take it in. I stopped to appreciate this Heron for a few minutes, and then to ask her, the Earth... What can I do on her behalf , with my walk this summer. Of course the Heron and the Earth don't talk in words like people. But it occurred to me as I listened, the majestic power of the water rushing... And that of course I'm not doing anything for the birds, or Earth, etc., that feels small. The better question is what am I trying to do on all of our behalfs. The water continued streaming, rushing, bubbling, playing with gravity, in all it's majesty. Power without effort, just there in it's natural magnificence.