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Parshat Yitro - What you believe, does not matter!

This past week we read about the Israelites’ confrontation with God at Mt. Sinai, there was thunder and lightning, among many other things. One thing that was NOT there, was a list of things to believe! The people weren’t told, or even asked, to believe in God, they were confronted with an actual experience!

Thankfully, God doesn’t only speak in thunder and lightning. God is wherever we let God in, in moments as simple as pausing to appreciate a beautiful flower (or an icicle, this time of the year), or as powerful as a realization that we “have to” speak up and risk our lives to somehow make the world a better place. It’s also in all of the moments in between, in each time we are awed by wonder, in the brokenhearted cry of a friend, and the smile from a stranger.

The Jewish question is not what you believe, it’s how open are you to experiencing God, and how willing are you to be changed by it?

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