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Water from the Rock: Emotional Resilience and Sacred Action in the Face of Eco-Disruption, Injustice, and Insanity (online)

Co-sponsored by Jewish Climate Action - MA


When: Weekly, Sundays 7:00 - 8:30p.m. Eastern Time, starting Feb. 2nd.



Description: This is a three month online workshop and community, to help people develop a way to respond to environmental/climate disruption , values, and spiritual lives.   The course as a whole, and each meeting in miniature, will take us through a process of grounding and gratitude, moving into honoring our pain, exploring how to see the world with new eyes, and sacred action.

We will explore how to build lives of joy and resilience amidst climate disruption and the destructiveness of colonialism, racism, and anthropocentrism. We will discuss and develop tools for how to do this with compassion for ourselves, kinship with communities who are being impacted most destructively, and a healthy relationship other species around and inside of us. This will be a place for learning through sharing, deep ritual space, curiosity and courage.

We will draw from Joanna Macy's "Work That Reconnects", Judaism, Buddhism, Eco-Psychology, Deep Ecology, Indigenous wisdom from around the world, Anti-colonialism and Anti-racism, and our group intelligence as the learning unfolds. Each meeting will include some frontral learning, ritual, and discussion. A check-in with a chevruta/study-buddy from the class for (optional) deepening of the learning in between group meetings is encouraged.

General Weekly Outline:

I. Building Community and Foundation for Our Work
II. Grounding in a Shared Reality, a Brief History of Humanity’s relationship to the Living World
III. Three Stories of the Great Turning
IV. Understanding Climate Trauma, Finding ourselves in Grief
V. Paradigm Shifts
VI. Relationship between Grief and Praise, and its 5 Gates
VII. The Wholeness of a Broken Heart
VIII. Impediments and Levers for Action: Societal, Mythical and Psychological
IX. The Gifts of Animals and Other Ancestors
X. Harnessing the Potential of Our Imaginations
XI. Sacred Action
XII. Resourcing for Going Forth
XIII. Courage in the place of Hope

Finances: My hope is that our work together will be sustainable and regenerative to offer and join. I am therefore offering different ticket prices, to make this learning financially accessible for broad participation and absorbing the eventribe fees. Please reflect what price will help you engage in this work most fully while also paying most generously, before selecting a ticket-price. Email me directly for a skill-trade.

Questions: For questions, email Rabbi Moshe Givental at or call (248) 325-8597. To read more about this work, go to

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