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Life Coach

I know that the work of healing and growth
takes enormous vulnerability, trust, and courage.
This is why I promise to meet you soul to soul,
to hold the fullness of your suffering,
the vitality of your yearning,
and the power of your vision for a better life
with the deepest care, humility, and respect.
You and I will face your suffering and your opportunities, together.  
We will find, stoke, and build upon the natural steady fire
of your own strength, inspiration, vision, and resilience. 

To make an appointment

Call: 248-325-8597


Price : $90 - 180/hr 
(sliding scale)

This is NOT psychotherapy or a replacement for working with a licensed psychotherapist. Consult and I do not take insurance. 

My Roots

In my tradition, Judaism, we sometimes talk about the Torah (our Book of Wisdom), as a Tree of Life. So too, I've come to think of myself as a tree. My family's known roots began with the Israelites, in the Fertile Crescent, that thin strip of land between Africa and Europe which generations have fought and continue to fight over. Sometime after conquest by Greeks and then Romans, we settled in Europe, my father's family in what's today known as Ukraine and my mother's in Russia. I am a first generation immigrant to the U.S.. My parents brought me here when I was nine years old. I carry with me the hopes, suffering, dreams, and visions of my Israelite and European ancestors. I write from Metro-Detroit, Michigan, with love for the land here, and debt to the Indigenous peoples of this continent, Turtle Island - the Ojibwa, Ottawa, Potawatomi and Wendat peoples.

My journey into healing work throughout the last 20 years has weaved through a B.A. in Psychology at the University of Michigan and studying Reiki in Ann Arbor, through connecting with Judaism as a lived religion for the first time as a 20-year old, and deep inspiration drawn from Sufism, Buddhism, and Christian Mysticism. It has taken me through many dark nights of the soul, through an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and work with folks struggling with homelessness and drug addiction in Chicago. In reaching for deeper roots, I spent two years studying Judaism in Israel, and from there to six years in Rabbinic School at Hebrew College in Boston, MA. There I fell in love with the Earth, and was confronted for the first time with the reality of Climate Disruption. There I began to learn from Indigenous Elders and reaching for the Earth-honoring roots of my own tradition. It was there that I studied with Joanna Macy and learned the Work That Reconnects to help communities to create ritual honoring their grief and stepping into their power.

Two years ago I returned home to Metro-Detroit, where I've deepened my work with community organizers, worked on my own healing through Somatic Experiencing, trained in Appreciative Inquiry, and began working as a Spiritual Guide at a prison. All this work brings me face-to-face with the amazing integrity of people in the deepest suffering, with compassion even when it seems impossible, with curiosity and possibility even at times when the weight of the world is truly unbearable. My most recent journey is with Sarah Peyton and Resonant Healing - the work of accompanying you in your suffering in a deeper way than I've ever encountered before, in helping to bring the balm of compassion and support to old pains and memories, in recognizing subconscious beliefs and commitmentments which no longer serve, and in finding the blessings on the "other side."

Last note -  because I'm a Rabbi, you might be asking whether you need to be Jewish to do healing work with me. You do not. I am excited and have worked with people of many backgrounds. Whatever your struggles and your history, I welcome your story and your call.

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